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Free and Open Software and Resources for Education

Consult the page (http://ModLibre.info/en/modlibre/info/sources.html)
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Reference sites  [v] [v] [^] [^]
Institutions  [v] [v] [^] [^]
Associations for free-open resources  [v] [v] [^] [^]
Free resources (from 3 years to secondary school)  [v] [v] [^] [^]
Comments on free ressources (in French)  [v] [v] [^] [^]
Free resources (from high school to research)  [v] [v] [^] [^]
Partially free resources for fab labs  [v] [v] [^] [^]
Comments  [v] [v] [^] [^]

Always check if the Copyright of a downloadable resource (free or not) is compatible with your application.
Some free resources may be too "free" for a young public. Always check them before a public demonstration.

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